Date: November 21st, 2014

Venue: Design Terminal, Budapest

ONE-SHOT is a one day single track speaker series presented by NodeConf.

The event starts at ten in the morning and we'll have you out by six.

After the official part, we will have a farewell party with craft beer.

ONE-SHOT is dedicated to a harrassment free environment.

Events before the conference

19th Nov - Nodebp November

20th Nov - Nodebots Workshop

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Matteo Collina

Hardware Hacking on Stage

Matteo will do some crazy hardware hacking live on stage: a connected device piece by piece and connect it to a Web Application

Mathias Buus

BitTorrent, p2p with Node.js

Mathias will shortly cover how BitTorrent works, then goes straight to demos around mad science things you can build using BitTorrent and torrent-stream and other awesome p2p modules on npm

Aria Stewart

Design for retry

Microservices, REST, message busses and why idempotency is the only way to scale

Julian Gruber

Node.js vs Go

An unopinionated comparison

Gabor Javorszky

Lessons learned while working on Ghost

Ghost is just a blogging platform, and we've been building it from the ground up. Along the way we learned a TON about open source, cultivating an amazing community, random tech bits, remote working, kickstarter and being distributed and volunteer based.

Nuno Job

Production Ready Node

A tale on building stable node.js services with a focus on performance. We will discuss what we learned over the years running node in production, and what tools and processes we use to help customers with large production node.js services find bottlenecks in their applications..

Maciej Małecki

Building architectures the easier way

Building architectures the easier, and accidentally the node and UNIX way. Combining immutable and microservice-based infrastructures, monitoring and orchestration to make your life easier.

Miroslav Bajtoš

Building offline data sync

It’s becoming very important for the web apps to provide a good experience even when the device is not connected. This talk tells the story of how offline data access was added to LoopBack and the technology that makes this possible.

Dominic Tarr

A secure database

Cryptography has mainly been applied to securing communication - but transferring data across a network is not the only way to communicate. By persisting data into a store, we are effectively sending messages into the future!

C J Silverio

Dev/ops at npm: scaling the registry

At the beginning of the year, the npm registry was unstable & often down. Today it's serving 18 million package downloads per day, with much more traffic for package metadata. How does the npm team bring you the node packages? What did we learn as we stabilized the registry? What are the tools we use to deploy & manage the node services that run the registry? What packages does the package manager itself use? I'll give you the inside scoop.

Patrick Heneise

Shipping Node.js

Taking 'shipping' literally, why not put everything in a Docker container, launch many of them with CoreOS and manage it with fleet control (fleetd)? Some considerations on how to multiply micro services, how to setup, manage and monitor your CoreOS fleet with all those precious Docker containers on them and not to sink and drown on the journey.